December 8, 2010: Tour at the Lumina Pandit, UST

Lumina Pandit is a Latin phrase meaning spreading the light or to spread light and it has been named so for the Museum or Exhibit in the Main Library (Miguel de Benavides Library) of UST. The theme is to showcase the foundation of Thomasian Values and how UST was founded. It started with the books printed in the "mano-mano" way, the knowledge which was kept through different artifacts and until the contemporary time proving the worth of UST to stand proud. UST is one big artifact. =D here's the definition of artifact from merriam-webster: something created by humans usually for a practical purpose; especially : an object remaining from a particular period artifacts.
 Realm of Print (how the books were printed before)
 (The Doctrina Christiana)

 I volunteered during our tour to try how the "printing press" was done during the 16th-17th century. It does need a lot of human labor to put ink on the carved wood or hand mould to be able to have a precise print on the paper when the printing press is used. I used a roller to put ink and the ink is oil-based because the ink used before is not available today,obviously! haha. But to tell you, the ink used before for printing is not as the same as what i used in this photo.

(smile! ^^)

 The Printing Press

 Hand moulds

 Sculpture of Jose Rizal: The Triumph of Science over Death

 The Triumph of Death over Science by Jose Rizal

This is the output of the printing press i volunteered to put ink. I chose the hand mould where Mama Mary is caressing Baby Jesus because at that day it's also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception at the same time i thought of my mom. My mom loves religious items; also she is a devotee of Mama Mary, so i gave it to her as i arrived home from school. She loved it so much, she put it on the altar in the masters' bedroom. It is a simple gift/ tribute to mom after all these years of sacrifice.