Re-treat, Re-treat, Retreat: Baguio's Mystery... (After two weeks of fasting and three days of Retreat)

 JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants UST division) held the retreat of quadricentennial graduates at Betania Retreat House, Baguio City. I'm back! =) Kim ang I are roomies for the two nights and two days stay for the whole duration of the program. 
 The Labyrinth (me sitting on a wooden log, praying)

 The whole experience of having this opportunity to share, learn, understand and be with others is one of a kind and only once to happen. This process of opening the mind and heart (retreat) has somehow molded the person i am to a NEW improved version of "me" and i know almost all of us who attended felt the same way. On the afternoon that we arrived, Dec 3, we were welcomed and introduced to guidelines, house rules and also other information relevant to our stay in Betania. And during the intro, sister (the speaker) told about the labyrinth. She said it's a practice, a prayer, and a meditation to reflect, talk to God and find the inner purpose in every person who finds his/her way in the labyrinth. So early in the morning of Dec 4, Kim and I visited the Labyrinth. It's a long walk but it's a good exercise (spiritually, mentally, physically). It should have been a peaceful one because when we tried deciphering the labyrinth, some people were talking and laughing. But the feeling is lighter after that session.

The Tower

What's good about Teamwork? The relationship between people. It's one of the exercises we had on Dec 4, to build the most beautiful yet, the highest tower made of straw and masking tape. I'm proud of my group because we had a common goal and understanding of what to do and everyone is willing to do something, except being idle. We had a common vision on what we want and though there are disagreements, we always find the solution we, all, find optimal. Also, I find everyone who participated in building the tower, even other groups, have the potential of being a leader. ^^

 (Left to right) After the Retreat program with Alex Catapang, Brother Jonathan "J" Yogawin, Arnica Go and me

Words are very powerful, more than what you think words can do. Words from the very mouth of Bro. J gave me (hopefully, all) awareness of myself, others, and the existence of the Almighty. Well, it's more than awareness; it gave me a whole new life which is on the blueprint- ready to construct anytime as soon as possible (starting last night when i arrived home with my family). Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts, experiences, laughter and sorrows. :)

After the retreat's program, we went to Minesview and sightsee. The background is sublime, i might say. It has the nature the world would really want to gain back and it really shows. Baguio has taught me well and also the people whom i interacted with, most especially with the people of Betania plus Bro. J. 

Batch Pic at Robinsons Luisita Parking Lot
(This photo from: Natalaine Enriquez)

To refresh you with my fasting, on my previous post, two weeks had passed. I feel i'm almost near my purpose, the "me" i see in my mind, feel in my heart, my purpose calling me and the taste of success in finding the true "me." I have two weeks more to really embrace my-"self" once again with the new and improved "me."

Re-treat: I have given myself time to think of the realizations. ^^
Re-treat: I have shared myself to others.^^
Retreat: I surrender my life to the highest power.
I'm happy of come what may. ^^ I am ready for new challenges! Bring it on!