Little Cake Shop (Kidapawan)

Our relatives in Kidapawan, North Cotabato sent us their goodies for this season. My cousins, Farrah Mantilla-Megson and Andrea Mantilla, brought up a home-based business which are baking pastries! Yum yum! As far as i know, it started from February and now, they are trying to put up the business in SM at their locality aside from home which mum told us about.

The texture of both Butterscotch and Brownies is chewy, which i love. and how about that, since it is baked at home, ingredients for sure are of high quality and processing are handled with tender loving care. Below are the fruit cakes they sent to us. I haven't tasted it 'cause mum wants to display it, sayang daw. =)) When it's Christmas time, i'll surely dig in. 

Thank you for the pastries! ^^
Merry Christmas!

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Ellen said...

saan po yan malapit??? sa lanao???