Since my sisters and I were still toddlers, Buddy's Pizza has been one of those unforgettable and most visited places when we go to Tayabas, Quezon- our province. Being a proud Tayabasin, because i almost grew up there, this is the place you should not miss when you go to Quezon, lalo na sa Lucban. :D

 My family kept coming back here at Buddy's, located along Tomas Morato. YAY! piyesta lagi!

Their menu:


Pancit Lucban (2-3 persons)
Chami/ Miki Bihon/Sariwa
Bihon/ Canton/ Sotanghon
Chami Special/ Lomi
Sotanghon Con Canton
Baked Macaroni
Spaghetti- Small/Medium/Large
Spaghetti with Mushroom and Bacon
Spaghetti with Hungarian Sausage, Black Olives and Fresh Tomatoes
Palabok Special


Sizzling Bangus/ Sizzling Gambas
Sisig Bangus/ Boneless Chicken
Sizzling Beef Steak
Sizzling Chicken
Sizzling Spicy Crab Omelet
Sizzling Squid/ Sizzling Tanigue
Sisig Pork/ Sisig Pusit
Hamburger Steak/ Pork Chop Steak
Sizzling Hungarian Sausage
Sizzling Korean Beef
1/2 Sisig
1/2 Korean
Mixed Seafood and Vegetables without rice


Chicken Longsilog
Garlic Rice


Buddy Burger/ Cheese Burger
Super Buddy Burger
Cheesedog Regular/Jumbo
Bacon and Egg or Cheese
Chicken Burger/ with cheese
Chicken Sandwich/ Chicken Ham
Ham and Egg or Cheese
Tuna Sandwich
Toasted Bread with Butter 2 pieces
Garlic Bread 2 pieces
Tasty Loaf


Budin Special (Cassava Cake)
Potato Salad/ Fruit Salad
Chicken Macaroni Salad
Leche Flan- Small/Large
French Fries Regular/Large
Broken Glass


Chicken Bbq
Pork Bbq (2 sticks)
Pork Chop Ihaw (2 pieces)
2 Pieces Pork Chop Bbq
1 Piece Pork Chop Bbq


Pancit Lucban
Chami/Miki Bihon/Sariwa
Bihon/ Canton/ Sotanghon
Chami Special
Sotanghon Con Canton

Buddy Pizza- Regular
Buddy Pizza- Supreme
- Hawaiian Supreme
- Tuna & Mushroom
- Bacon & Pepperoni
- Bbq Chicken & Tomato
- Hungarian Sausage & Black Olives
- Longganisang Lucban & Kesong Puti
Buddy Pizza Super Supreme


Fried Chicken 2 pieces with rice or bread
Fried Chicken 1/4 with rice or bread
Fried Pork Chop 2 pieces with rice
Calderetang Baka
Crispy Pata
Embotido- Small/Large
Hardenera- Small/Medium/Large
Fresh Lumpia- Mixed Vegetables or Ubod
Lumpiang Shanghai
Paksiw na Lechon
Lechon Kawali
Pinangat (Laing)
Chopseuy with rice
Dinuguan/ Bulalo
Crispy Buntot ng Tangigue
1 Dozen Longganisa Cooked/Uncooked
1 Dozen Regular Longganisa Cooked/Uncooked
1 Dozen Chix Longganisa Cooked/Uncooked
Posit Anghang with Rice/Pork Molo
Daing na Bangus
Sinigang sa Miso


Softdrinks in Can
Pineapple Juice/ Mango Nectar
Iced Tea Small/Large
Sago at Gulaman Regular/Large
Mais Con Yelo
Mineral Water Small/Large
Lemonade Small/Large

Medium (12-16 persons)
Large (20-25 persons)

Pancit Lucban
Bihon/ Canton/ Sotanghon
Chami/ Miki Bihon
Sotanghon Con Canton

Medium (10-12 persons) Large (18-20 persons)

Spaghetti with Mushroom and Bacon

Our relatives in Kidapawan, North Cotabato sent us their goodies for this season. My cousins, Farrah Mantilla-Megson and Andrea Mantilla, brought up a home-based business which are baking pastries! Yum yum! As far as i know, it started from February and now, they are trying to put up the business in SM at their locality aside from home which mum told us about.

The texture of both Butterscotch and Brownies is chewy, which i love. and how about that, since it is baked at home, ingredients for sure are of high quality and processing are handled with tender loving care. Below are the fruit cakes they sent to us. I haven't tasted it 'cause mum wants to display it, sayang daw. =)) When it's Christmas time, i'll surely dig in. 

Thank you for the pastries! ^^
Merry Christmas!

Little Cake Shop at facebook
288 5635
0922 419 1244
0939 318 6174

Lumina Pandit is a Latin phrase meaning spreading the light or to spread light and it has been named so for the Museum or Exhibit in the Main Library (Miguel de Benavides Library) of UST. The theme is to showcase the foundation of Thomasian Values and how UST was founded. It started with the books printed in the "mano-mano" way, the knowledge which was kept through different artifacts and until the contemporary time proving the worth of UST to stand proud. UST is one big artifact. =D here's the definition of artifact from merriam-webster: something created by humans usually for a practical purpose; especially : an object remaining from a particular period artifacts.
 Realm of Print (how the books were printed before)
 (The Doctrina Christiana)

 I volunteered during our tour to try how the "printing press" was done during the 16th-17th century. It does need a lot of human labor to put ink on the carved wood or hand mould to be able to have a precise print on the paper when the printing press is used. I used a roller to put ink and the ink is oil-based because the ink used before is not available today,obviously! haha. But to tell you, the ink used before for printing is not as the same as what i used in this photo.

(smile! ^^)

 The Printing Press

 Hand moulds

 Sculpture of Jose Rizal: The Triumph of Science over Death

 The Triumph of Death over Science by Jose Rizal

This is the output of the printing press i volunteered to put ink. I chose the hand mould where Mama Mary is caressing Baby Jesus because at that day it's also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception at the same time i thought of my mom. My mom loves religious items; also she is a devotee of Mama Mary, so i gave it to her as i arrived home from school. She loved it so much, she put it on the altar in the masters' bedroom. It is a simple gift/ tribute to mom after all these years of sacrifice.

 JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants UST division) held the retreat of quadricentennial graduates at Betania Retreat House, Baguio City. I'm back! =) Kim ang I are roomies for the two nights and two days stay for the whole duration of the program. 
 The Labyrinth (me sitting on a wooden log, praying)

 The whole experience of having this opportunity to share, learn, understand and be with others is one of a kind and only once to happen. This process of opening the mind and heart (retreat) has somehow molded the person i am to a NEW improved version of "me" and i know almost all of us who attended felt the same way. On the afternoon that we arrived, Dec 3, we were welcomed and introduced to guidelines, house rules and also other information relevant to our stay in Betania. And during the intro, sister (the speaker) told about the labyrinth. She said it's a practice, a prayer, and a meditation to reflect, talk to God and find the inner purpose in every person who finds his/her way in the labyrinth. So early in the morning of Dec 4, Kim and I visited the Labyrinth. It's a long walk but it's a good exercise (spiritually, mentally, physically). It should have been a peaceful one because when we tried deciphering the labyrinth, some people were talking and laughing. But the feeling is lighter after that session.

The Tower

What's good about Teamwork? The relationship between people. It's one of the exercises we had on Dec 4, to build the most beautiful yet, the highest tower made of straw and masking tape. I'm proud of my group because we had a common goal and understanding of what to do and everyone is willing to do something, except being idle. We had a common vision on what we want and though there are disagreements, we always find the solution we, all, find optimal. Also, I find everyone who participated in building the tower, even other groups, have the potential of being a leader. ^^

 (Left to right) After the Retreat program with Alex Catapang, Brother Jonathan "J" Yogawin, Arnica Go and me

Words are very powerful, more than what you think words can do. Words from the very mouth of Bro. J gave me (hopefully, all) awareness of myself, others, and the existence of the Almighty. Well, it's more than awareness; it gave me a whole new life which is on the blueprint- ready to construct anytime as soon as possible (starting last night when i arrived home with my family). Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts, experiences, laughter and sorrows. :)

After the retreat's program, we went to Minesview and sightsee. The background is sublime, i might say. It has the nature the world would really want to gain back and it really shows. Baguio has taught me well and also the people whom i interacted with, most especially with the people of Betania plus Bro. J. 

Batch Pic at Robinsons Luisita Parking Lot
(This photo from: Natalaine Enriquez)

To refresh you with my fasting, on my previous post, two weeks had passed. I feel i'm almost near my purpose, the "me" i see in my mind, feel in my heart, my purpose calling me and the taste of success in finding the true "me." I have two weeks more to really embrace my-"self" once again with the new and improved "me."

Re-treat: I have given myself time to think of the realizations. ^^
Re-treat: I have shared myself to others.^^
Retreat: I surrender my life to the highest power.
I'm happy of come what may. ^^ I am ready for new challenges! Bring it on!

Travel mug, just what i wanted. O_O
Inside this plastic-wrapped figure includes 2 flavors of hot chocolate, 2 types of cookies: White chocolate and Raspberry cookies (1 each), a chocolate biscotti on the lower right picture and Starbucks ground coffee (bold and smooth roast).
The travel mug is made of ceramic but the the lid is flexible which may be made from high-resistant materials.

Brookside Chocolates
Just like chocolate covered raisins, but with real fruit pieces inside every cover of chocolate. ^^

(left to right) Basil drink, Charcoal Collagen (2), and Blueberry Fruit Tea

 Basil Drink

 Blueberry Fruit Flavored Tea

 Charcoal Collagen

Another addition to what my senses have tasted are those mentioned above. ^^ I haven't tried fruit flavors for my tea, but the owner, Lolly Co let me try one of her recommended drinks for Fruit Juices, the Passion Fruit. And for Jason, which i brought along with me to meet the owners, Lolly Co and Jeferry King, he was given another kind of fruit flavored drink with milk tea, the Pineapple Coconut Jelly. It's a great range of flavors and this kind of tea gives a healthy kick for boosting the immune system, not only just for quenching your thirst.

Where you can find it: D2B, 2nd floor of the College of Accountancy, UST Espana ^^
Price List and Menu
Another addition to what my senses have tasted, Passion Fruit and Pineapple Coconut Jelly (left to right). ^^ I
haven't tried fruit flavors for my tea, but the owner, Lolly Co let me try one of her recommended drinks for Fruit Juices, the Passion Fruit. And for Jason, which i brought along with me to meet the owners, Lolly Co and Jeferry King, he was given another kind of fruit flavored drink with milk tea, the Pineapple Coconut Jelly. It's a great range of flavors and this kind of tea gives a healthy kick for boosting the immune system, not only just for quenching your thirst.

Where you can find it: D2B, 2nd floor of the College of Accountancy, UST Espana ^^
Price List and Menu:

megamind the movie review
It is a super villain movie after we’ve already seen Despicable Me. However, Megamind was wonderfully original (it’s about what happens after the super villain defeats the hero) and lived up to my expectations. (so far, this is the one of the best animations i watched and it really gave me a laugh! ^^ i love megamind and his character!)
The 3D in Megamind is pretty take it or leave it. It does add depth and a bit of fun at some moments, such as when a crowd member calls out, “I love you, Metro Man!” and Metro Man responds, but at the same time you’re not missing anything if you see it in 2D. The animation was great. All the characters’ emotions are in their eyes, and you can always kind of see what they’re thinking. The opening narration of the movie works well, because we’re seeing how the story actually unfolded, but at the same time learning how Megamind interpreted the events. The movie also has elements of nature vs. nurture that are interesting to see in a super villain movie. Megamind also has a pretty awesome soundtrack, with music from the likes of AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, and Michael Jackson.
I enjoyed Will Ferrell’s performance as Megamind. Megamind is an over the top character, but for the first time in a long time, Ferrell’s acting was not. One thing we could always hear in Megamind’s voice was sadness and loneliness, which fits the character well, no matter how much Megamind tries to convince us otherwise, even if he doesn’t realize he is. An example of this is after Metro Man is out of the picture and Megamind finds that he isn’t as happy as he should be. While he tries to make it seem that he’s bored, he discusses his feelings about the situation with an inanimate object, which proves just how lonely he really is.
David Cross is great as Minion. Minion is Megamind’s only friend, and they’ve been together since Megamind’s parents sent them off their dying home planet. Minion’s only goal is to protect Megamind, a job he performs well. Minion and Megamind have a great chemistry as friends, and even when they fight there’s just that sadness and awkwardness that occurs when real friends fight. Minion is also a bit overdramatic, but he’s never too much.
Jonah Hill made a wonderful Hal/Tighten. Hal was awkward and nerdy, but then he inadvertently becomes super-powered. At that point, he becomes creepy, and this is before anything goes wrong. Hal might be a little stereotypical as an almost stalkery loner who you’re secretly afraid might kill you, but if he wasn’t a stereotype, the movie wouldn’t work. I’ve never been scared of Jonah Hill before, but in this movie I was.  This dark side of Jonah Hill is something that I would like to see more of.
I liked Brad Pitt as Metro Man. I don’t want to compare Metro Man and Megamind with Batman and The Joker, but it is a similar relationship. The two have always been perfect opposites of each other, and yet are two sides of the same coin. Metro Man has the same sadness and loneliness that Megamind has, though it’s not as obvious at first. It’s very subtle, but you can tell that there’s something more to Metro Man early on.
Tina Fey is unfortunately the only actor who didn’t impress me, but it’s not really her fault. The character of Roxanne Ritchi has no character arc. Her character doesn’t really grow. They try to make it look like she does, but even when she does “change,” it still supports ideals she had since the beginning of the movie. Roxanne Ritchi is more of a prop that plays a part in the other characters’ lives, because as an independent character she just falls flat.
Overall, Megamind is a great movie that adults can enjoy just as much as children. In fact, it’s only the second animated movie I’ve seen this year that didn’t feel like it was aimed at or pandering to children. Super villain fans, animation fans, and fans of any of the actors in the movie must see Megamind.

I haven't figured the taste when i tried it. it's too strong. (o.o) and didn't manage to drink it purely, so i diluted it in juice. (>.<)
This is SULIT. 6 inches in diameter, Lian ordered for me and Jason to share for our brunch. Yum! ^^ it cost her 120php and it taste good. The owner also told us that there is a challenge wherein you eat a 10 inch (in diameter) burger in 20 minutes, you'll get it free! Next time, i'll get that reward. bwahaha! ^^

They have a variety of other burgers like Turkey, Chicken, Beef, i think Pork is included and you can choose your own dressing and we chose mustard, mayo and catsup- the typical combo.

 At Salcedo Community Market on a saturday ^^

category:   appetizers & snacks
style:   chinese

hakaw is a soft dumpling with shrimp inside. it has a unique translucent coating with some soft cooked egg-dough inside.



3/4 lb. shrimp, shelled, divided and chopped
1/4 c. bamboo shoots, chopped
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sesame seed oil
1/2 tsp. sugar
1 egg white
2 tbsp. cornstarch

combine filling ingredients and set in refrigerator for 1 hour.


1 c. wheat starch
1 c. tapioca starch
1/2 tsp. salt
1 c. boiling water
2 tbsp. oil

dough can be made ahead. wrap with foil or plastic wrap. dough keeps one day at room temperature.

mix starch and salt together in large bowl, make a center and pour in boiling water. stir to moisten ingredients. cover and allow to rest 10 minutes. knead until a smooth dough forms adding oil, set aside. keep covered until ready to use.

roll portions of dough into a long rolls, cut small pieces, roll each piece on hand until smooth, roll out dough in 3 inch circles or use tortilla press. form a pouch, put in 2 teaspoons filling, cover and pinch ends together. gently curve dumplings to form crescent. place on oiled steaming plate and steam 15 minutes.
This is the way how the Japanese pancake was cooked. I ordered the hazelnut choco and cream cheese combination and it's worth waiting for. yumyum! ^^ Actually, i though it's just a small pancake with toppings in it but it turned out to be a Japanese pancake burger. Very nice and i want more! (O_O) haha. XD