(left to right) Basil drink, Charcoal Collagen (2), and Blueberry Fruit Tea

 Basil Drink

 Blueberry Fruit Flavored Tea

 Charcoal Collagen

Another addition to what my senses have tasted are those mentioned above. ^^ I haven't tried fruit flavors for my tea, but the owner, Lolly Co let me try one of her recommended drinks for Fruit Juices, the Passion Fruit. And for Jason, which i brought along with me to meet the owners, Lolly Co and Jeferry King, he was given another kind of fruit flavored drink with milk tea, the Pineapple Coconut Jelly. It's a great range of flavors and this kind of tea gives a healthy kick for boosting the immune system, not only just for quenching your thirst.

Where you can find it: D2B, 2nd floor of the College of Accountancy, UST Espana ^^
Price List and Menu
Another addition to what my senses have tasted, Passion Fruit and Pineapple Coconut Jelly (left to right). ^^ I
haven't tried fruit flavors for my tea, but the owner, Lolly Co let me try one of her recommended drinks for Fruit Juices, the Passion Fruit. And for Jason, which i brought along with me to meet the owners, Lolly Co and Jeferry King, he was given another kind of fruit flavored drink with milk tea, the Pineapple Coconut Jelly. It's a great range of flavors and this kind of tea gives a healthy kick for boosting the immune system, not only just for quenching your thirst.

Where you can find it: D2B, 2nd floor of the College of Accountancy, UST Espana ^^
Price List and Menu: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_MQelsEZDUHc/TPHt6Sq9VsI/AAAAAAAAAV0/Rub092LX0GI/s1600/editscan0005.jpg

megamind the movie review
It is a super villain movie after we’ve already seen Despicable Me. However, Megamind was wonderfully original (it’s about what happens after the super villain defeats the hero) and lived up to my expectations. (so far, this is the one of the best animations i watched and it really gave me a laugh! ^^ i love megamind and his character!)
The 3D in Megamind is pretty take it or leave it. It does add depth and a bit of fun at some moments, such as when a crowd member calls out, “I love you, Metro Man!” and Metro Man responds, but at the same time you’re not missing anything if you see it in 2D. The animation was great. All the characters’ emotions are in their eyes, and you can always kind of see what they’re thinking. The opening narration of the movie works well, because we’re seeing how the story actually unfolded, but at the same time learning how Megamind interpreted the events. The movie also has elements of nature vs. nurture that are interesting to see in a super villain movie. Megamind also has a pretty awesome soundtrack, with music from the likes of AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, and Michael Jackson.
I enjoyed Will Ferrell’s performance as Megamind. Megamind is an over the top character, but for the first time in a long time, Ferrell’s acting was not. One thing we could always hear in Megamind’s voice was sadness and loneliness, which fits the character well, no matter how much Megamind tries to convince us otherwise, even if he doesn’t realize he is. An example of this is after Metro Man is out of the picture and Megamind finds that he isn’t as happy as he should be. While he tries to make it seem that he’s bored, he discusses his feelings about the situation with an inanimate object, which proves just how lonely he really is.
David Cross is great as Minion. Minion is Megamind’s only friend, and they’ve been together since Megamind’s parents sent them off their dying home planet. Minion’s only goal is to protect Megamind, a job he performs well. Minion and Megamind have a great chemistry as friends, and even when they fight there’s just that sadness and awkwardness that occurs when real friends fight. Minion is also a bit overdramatic, but he’s never too much.
Jonah Hill made a wonderful Hal/Tighten. Hal was awkward and nerdy, but then he inadvertently becomes super-powered. At that point, he becomes creepy, and this is before anything goes wrong. Hal might be a little stereotypical as an almost stalkery loner who you’re secretly afraid might kill you, but if he wasn’t a stereotype, the movie wouldn’t work. I’ve never been scared of Jonah Hill before, but in this movie I was.  This dark side of Jonah Hill is something that I would like to see more of.
I liked Brad Pitt as Metro Man. I don’t want to compare Metro Man and Megamind with Batman and The Joker, but it is a similar relationship. The two have always been perfect opposites of each other, and yet are two sides of the same coin. Metro Man has the same sadness and loneliness that Megamind has, though it’s not as obvious at first. It’s very subtle, but you can tell that there’s something more to Metro Man early on.
Tina Fey is unfortunately the only actor who didn’t impress me, but it’s not really her fault. The character of Roxanne Ritchi has no character arc. Her character doesn’t really grow. They try to make it look like she does, but even when she does “change,” it still supports ideals she had since the beginning of the movie. Roxanne Ritchi is more of a prop that plays a part in the other characters’ lives, because as an independent character she just falls flat.
Overall, Megamind is a great movie that adults can enjoy just as much as children. In fact, it’s only the second animated movie I’ve seen this year that didn’t feel like it was aimed at or pandering to children. Super villain fans, animation fans, and fans of any of the actors in the movie must see Megamind.

I haven't figured the taste when i tried it. it's too strong. (o.o) and didn't manage to drink it purely, so i diluted it in juice. (>.<)
This is SULIT. 6 inches in diameter, Lian ordered for me and Jason to share for our brunch. Yum! ^^ it cost her 120php and it taste good. The owner also told us that there is a challenge wherein you eat a 10 inch (in diameter) burger in 20 minutes, you'll get it free! Next time, i'll get that reward. bwahaha! ^^

They have a variety of other burgers like Turkey, Chicken, Beef, i think Pork is included and you can choose your own dressing and we chose mustard, mayo and catsup- the typical combo.

 At Salcedo Community Market on a saturday ^^

category:   appetizers & snacks
style:   chinese

hakaw is a soft dumpling with shrimp inside. it has a unique translucent coating with some soft cooked egg-dough inside.



3/4 lb. shrimp, shelled, divided and chopped
1/4 c. bamboo shoots, chopped
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sesame seed oil
1/2 tsp. sugar
1 egg white
2 tbsp. cornstarch

combine filling ingredients and set in refrigerator for 1 hour.


1 c. wheat starch
1 c. tapioca starch
1/2 tsp. salt
1 c. boiling water
2 tbsp. oil

dough can be made ahead. wrap with foil or plastic wrap. dough keeps one day at room temperature.

mix starch and salt together in large bowl, make a center and pour in boiling water. stir to moisten ingredients. cover and allow to rest 10 minutes. knead until a smooth dough forms adding oil, set aside. keep covered until ready to use.

roll portions of dough into a long rolls, cut small pieces, roll each piece on hand until smooth, roll out dough in 3 inch circles or use tortilla press. form a pouch, put in 2 teaspoons filling, cover and pinch ends together. gently curve dumplings to form crescent. place on oiled steaming plate and steam 15 minutes.
This is the way how the Japanese pancake was cooked. I ordered the hazelnut choco and cream cheese combination and it's worth waiting for. yumyum! ^^ Actually, i though it's just a small pancake with toppings in it but it turned out to be a Japanese pancake burger. Very nice and i want more! (O_O) haha. XD


My thesis mates and me went to Lian's house to have our after-thesis-sessions after a day of non-sleep treatment. We went to Persia Grill for dinner and went back to their house and served us with Tiramisu. When i tasted it, it is somehow different from what i usually know of tiramisu. I later discovered that the last layer of the cake is soaked in Rhum (now i know why). This is a semi-sweet treat for us and so i thought of giving you the recipe i do at home and added an extra ingredient, rhum! ^^ enjoy!


2/3 Espresso coffee, cooled
3 medium eggs, yolks and whites separated 
3 Tbsp icing sugar
1 ¼ cups mascarpone cheese
¼ cup Brandy or Rum
32 ladyfingers
Cocoa powder for dusting


In a bowl, beat the egg yolks and sugar until pale yellow in color, light and creamy. Gradually add the mascarpone cheese and stir it in the egg yolk mixture. 

In another bowl whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff, then gently fold them into the mascarpone mixture with a metal spoon. 

Mix the cooled coffee with the liqueur. 

Dip half of the ladyfingers, one at a time, into the coffee mixture (do not over-soak the ladyfingers). Arrange the ladyfingers in a layer at the bottom of a serving dish. Spoon half of the mascarpone mixture on top of the ladyfingers and smooth using a spatula. Sprinkle a thin layer of cocoa powder over the top. 

Continue the above procedure one more time, with the remaining ingredients, to finish the second layer of the cake. 
Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 6 hours before serving. 

Notes and tips

The refrigeration time is very important in Tiramisu recipes. Usually, the more time the cake is refrigerated, the best flavour it develops.

My friends and i went at the 2nd floor of the UST AMV COA carpark building to buy food and when i passed by the corridor, i saw a the newly-opened Golden Chopsticks. It replaced the Simple Life which was also offers varieties of teas. According to the owner, they offer their drinks this year and will offer their menu with food next year. Unlike any other tea, they infused their mixture with basil seeds. 

Basil seeds are used as a traditional treatment for constipation, indigestion and heartburn. During the night while sleeping, it works as a cleanser to remove all the toxin from the bowels and the next morning everything is flushed. All the bloated feeling disappears and you are back on tract.

owner ^^

The recommended drink of Golden Chopsticks is the Charcoal Collagen. It has basil seeds, charcoal collagen, and a natural citrus flavor which is good for detoxification of the body. I mind asking the owner about charcoal collagen because nowadays it has been shown in skin product commercials. Charcoal collagen is the black and transparent like-sago in the drink; it is said to give vibrancy and glowing skin for everyone who drinks it. healthy! =D

(Left to right): Aloe Vera Milk Tea, Charcoal Collagen, Tapioca Milk Tea

Basil Seed on my Charcoal Collagen! ^^

Jason bought Tapioca Black Tea at Simple Line and our friends Selle and Seph were buying cone-shaped crepes just beside Simple Line. I thought it was new because I'm not usually going to Dapitan (near UST). The price range is very affordable and student-friendly. For one topping to go with your chosen flavor of ice cream, it's going to be 39 Php; while two toppings will be 44 Php.

 He ordered vanilla ice cream with strawberry and mango toppings. FAVE! ^^


Tuna Kimbap 
The basic components of gimbap are rice, meat (used tuna) or other protein-rich ingredients, and a large variety of vegetables, pickled, roasted, or fresh.

is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions.

Jang-jorim (장조림)
Beef simmered in soy sauce, optionally with hard-boiled eggs or hard-boiled quail eggs



1. Specification : 4 Multi packs x 5 Packs x 5.1fl oz (Eng. & Fr.)
2. Concept
- A fish shaped ice waffle filled with ice cream & red bean paste
- Derived from a fish-shaped pastry which is one of the most popular Korean snacks.

1. Specificaton : 4 Multi packs x 6 Packs x5.1fl oz (Eng. & Fr.)
2. Concept
- Sponge cake meets cheese cake ice cream

Mochi Ice Cream/ ChapSsal Ddeok Ice Cream

A very soft layer of chewy rice cake then inside is ice cream. 

November 14, 2010, Sunday

My dad and I went to the Big Tent along Don Antonio Drive with our neighbors in our village. The place is fully-air conditioned and it froze me, good thing dad always brings his jacket in the car. We reached the match of Elorde before the first official undercard. The place is filled with people, even kids are there. Here's the list that i manage to remember when we arrived at the venue before Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito's fight.

1. Angel Rodriguez vs. Juan Martin Elorde
Angel Rodiguez- Win
4 out of 4 (rounds)

2. Omri Lowther vs. Brandon Rios
Brandon Rios- Win
6 out of 10 (rounds)

3. Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Ricardo Cordoba
Guillermo Rigondeaux- Win
12 out of 12 rounds, which should have been 10 rounds only

4. Mike Jones vs. Jesus Soto-Karass
Mike Jones-Win
10 out of 10 rounds

After the last under card, the people around are getting ready on their seats. Some are going to the CR; some are buying their drinks. All are excited. When Zyrene Parsad sang the Philippine National Anthem (Lupang Hinirang), all stood up with pride. Manny Pacquiao does his job in uniting the Filipinos is a good way. :) Michael Buffer is the ring announcer, as always, ever since Manny became famous. And the referee who arbitrated the two contenders is Laurence Cole.
Here are my observations during Manny and Antonio's fight:
1. On the 4th round, Pacman really gave shots and punches on Antonio's body.
2. On the 6th round, Antonio fought back with his might.
3. On the 7th round, the right eye/cheek of Antonio is not in a good shape. It's bleeding. o.o
4. On the 11th round, Pacman is already looking at the referee. Antonio might not be able to make it and Pacman wants to reassure that he is fighting with justice.

"Pacquiao won every round on one scorecard, 120-108, and was ahead 119-109 and 118-110 on the other two. It wasn't entirely easy, though. Pacquiao said Margarito hurt him in the middle rounds with shots to the head and the body." -richwebnews

"It was the 8th World division title captured by Manny Pacquiao which enable him to rewrite the history of the sport as the first boxer to do so. "-richwebnews

woot woot! ^^

Hana Yo is a korean restaurant located at the University of Sto. Tomas (UST). Along Dapitan, turn to Antonio St. and there you will see a signage of “Hanayo”. It’s a two-storey restaurant with a welcoming interior.

Korean craze is the trend that its culture now jives with the Filipino culture, starting with the music, fashion, and also food. for food, kimchi is served in every meal. Gochujang (fermented red chili paste) is combined with other ingredients which will bring out the korean vibe. I heard that the ice cream they are selling is one of a kind, so i tried it. My friend ordered Tonkatsu. While waiting for her order, i noticed its interior and ambiance. It is homey and comfortable; it is air-conditioned too. The place also has a message board filled with memos and pictures. ^^ The crew are also friendly and they accommodate their customers with a smile. :)

Their best-seller ice cream is somewhat like the Bungeoppang, a korean fish-shaped pastry. It is filled with red bean paste normally sold in Korea by street vendors. Sarap! :) 

Per individual spending: utmost 150php